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  1. Love Lottery Let me help hype this up a bit. Some of the highlights among the things you can get are: - 3-day Miniboss Card Rental Album (everything up to Medusa Queen) - 3-day MVP Card Rental Album (everything up to Mutant Dragon) - D-type Blueprint Selector (Includes the previously unselectable Owl Binoculars, Toy King Crown, Hourglass, Clergy's Crown blueprints) - a 2-slot accessory selector (Includes all Lv. 85, 95, and 105 accessories. Obviously you should pick 105 accessories but maybe some tanks will want the previously unselectable Dark Knight Belt [2]) - "Jade Pendants" used to craft an A-rank Sohee Pet egg (previously was only available for a short period by some bug of the system) This lottery isn't necessarily pure RNG since it has a fixed pool of items. Meaning once you get one of the prizes, it is removed and therefore increases your chances for everything else in the pool.
  2. Thanks Judge! Some people were curious, do balance changes come with this update?
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    Time to start hiding Anubis, I'm ready for 10 days of hide and seek
  4. GM Shining said yes when they were in game earlier.
  5. Would appreciate knowing the contents of the new boxes. And hopefully you'll also consider adding Catnips to the other dailies too. Thanks for the patch~