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  4. Is there any other way to get those love candies? (Except buying them?
  5. Love Lottery Let me help hype this up a bit. Some of the highlights among the things you can get are: - 3-day Miniboss Card Rental Album (everything up to Medusa Queen) - 3-day MVP Card Rental Album (everything up to Mutant Dragon) - D-type Blueprint Selector (Includes the previously unselectable Owl Binoculars, Toy King Crown, Hourglass, Clergy's Crown blueprints) - a 2-slot accessory selector (Includes all Lv. 85, 95, and 105 accessories. Obviously you should pick 105 accessories but maybe some tanks will want the previously unselectable Dark Knight Belt [2]) - "Jade Pendants" used to craft an A-rank Sohee Pet egg (previously was only available for a short period by some bug of the system) This lottery isn't necessarily pure RNG since it has a fixed pool of items. Meaning once you get one of the prizes, it is removed and therefore increases your chances for everything else in the pool.
  6. I believe you may be using an outdated client. Please make sure you install the latest version trough our site: https://roorigins.com/pre
  7. Hi! Nice update, but i think we need more fashion coins per day... only 15 makes so hard for f2p to buy somethin at fashion shop more and more outfits there and a leak of coins to buy
  8. hello GM. can you fix the quest bug? some of my quest was bug because I will go to the destination but nothing happen. Please fix bug so that I can proceed with my main quest and adventure quest. Thank you
  9. Nice update, but again? Really? Removed: Small Alchemy Acceleration Gift Box; Medium Alchemy Acceleration Gift Box; Summer Upgrade Boost Gift Box;
  10. Never learn right? This again? Removed: Small Alchemy Acceleration Gift Box; Medium Alchemy Acceleration Gift Box; Summer Upgrade Boost Gift Box;
  11. could you update the Monster Doll select gift pack, to add the new monsters
  12. Earlier
  13. 01-15-2022 • UPDATE January Update Patch Notes The first update of the year brings exclusive new events, beautiful new costumes, exciting new packages, quality of life improvements and much more! This update removes the Snow Revelry Battle Pass. Make sure to collect your rewards before that. AUTHOR [GM] Judge ----------------------------------------------- New Battle Pass Time-Space Lover Pass Love is in the air, but not for Judge, I guess... Event duration: 03-15-2022 New Events Time-Space Wanderer Event duration: 02-15-2022 The Mythic questline has 5 chapters. A new chapter is unlocked every 10 days, and every completed sub-chapter gives you different rewards, including the exquisite [3D Glasses]! Complete all missions to unlock the following set, but note: You cannot complete more than one set of missions in the same day; you must wait for a daily reset; Each set of missions is unlocked on a set date: 01/10, 01/20, 01/30, 02/10. You can't access them before the day; Collect the rewards before the event ends or you may only get them when they come to the Fashion Exclusive Shop; 3D Glasses. Source: Definitely not Judge. Love Lottery Event duration: 02-15-2022 Try your luck in one of our 6 Love Lotteries. Each Lottery holds an exclusive reward that can be part of the Chestnut Outfit or the Magic Ball mount. Note: Each Draw costs 1-5 [Love Candies]; You can choose whichever Lottery you like the most for your Draws. There's no required sequence; You can buy Candies by tapping the Candy's icon in the top right corner when visualizing one of the 6 Lotteries; You can check the rates for each Lottery by tapping the "Chance Details" button inside each Lottery; This is, hands down, one of the best looking male sets in the game. 15 Day Attendance Event duration: 02-15-2022 The new presence event is here with one of the most anticipated sets in the game, Gear Blueprints, Card Fragments and much more. You don't want to miss a day. Premium Sign-in cost: $7.49 / R$37,49 How to top-up? Please contact the Agent closest to your region. They are authorized re-sellers. Costume content: Day 8 (Premium): Butterfly Kiss (face piece); Day 11 (Free): Night Butterfly (head piece); Day 15 (Free): Butterfly Gentleman Bowler Hat (head piece); Day 15 (Premium): Night Fairy Wings (back piece); Day 15 (Premium): Night Fairy (body piece); Commission EXP Revelry During the event, Daily Commissions give extra Base and Job EXP. Newbies, this event – combined with the server level bonus – can be a solid boost for you to reach the top! Event duration: 02-15-2022 RO Shop Nyan Berry > Discounted Packs Added: Level 110 Substantial Growth Gift Price: 4,940 Catnips Purchase limit: 1 per character ID Content: Fall Growth Gift Box I Price: 4,940 Catnips Purchase limit: 1 per character ID Content: Fall Growth Gift Box II Price: 9,880 Catnips Purchase limit: 1 per character ID Content: We're introducing a set of new and unique packages. Gear Blueprints and Cores provide a solid boost for newbies and veterans, with great add-ons, as Card Fragments. Some of the old packages are leaving our Shop. If you haven't bought them already, this is your last chance. Removed: 2021 Benefits Gift Box; Summer Growth Big Gift Box II; New Year Card Gift Box I; Nyan Berry > Popular Items Added: Skip Ticket Price: 30 Catnips Purchase limit: 30/week Note: It costs 1 [Skip Ticket] for every 10 [Commission Ticket]; You can only skip commissions that you've successfully completed before; Fall Cogwheel Gift Box Price: 950 Catnips Purchase limit: 1/week Content: Fall Enchantment Gift Box Price: 950 Catnips Purchase limit: 1/week Content: Fall Refinement Gift Box I Price: 4,950 Catnips Purchase limit: 1/week Content: Fall Refinement Gift Box II Price: 9,950 Catnips Purchase limit: 1/week Content: For this new set of "recurring" packs, we opted for items that have a great impact on players' growth in general, such as Gear Fragments, Protection Stones (for both refining and enchanting), Cards Fragments, and Core Gachas. Removed: Small Alchemy Acceleration Gift Box; Medium Alchemy Acceleration Gift Box; Summer Upgrade Boost Gift Box; Nyan Berry > Appearances Added: Googoo Chicken Price: 7,950 Catnips The biggest ground mount is finally here! Peeoop! Surprise Party Hat (head piece) Price: 1,950 Catnips Availability: 02-15-2022 Surprise Party (body piece) Price: 3,900 Catnips Availability: 02-15-2022 Removed: Reindeer Motorcycle; Christmas Reindeer Woolen Hat (now available at the Fashion Exchange Shop); Christmas Happy Set (now available at the Fashion Exchange Shop); Thriller Scarecrow Mount Gacha; Gift Shop reintroduced The Gift Shop is finally back! Don't forget to buy your favorite packages every week, until the 15th of February, because when the shop expires, it won't be back until mid April. Availability: 02-15-2022 Fashion Exchange Added: Rainbow Goggles (Fashion Exchange exclusive) Price: 600 Strange Fashion Coins + 100,000 Zeny Clown Mouth (Fashion Exchange exclusive) Price: 100 Strange Fashion Coins + 50,000 Zeny Party Mark (Fashion Exchange exclusive) Price: 100 Strange Fashion Coins + 50,000 Zeny Sparkler (#EveryDayReward) Price: 150 Strange Fashion Coins + 50,000 Zeny Huge Firework (#EveryDayReward) Price: 300 Strange Fashion Coins + 100,000 Zeny Firework Hair Band (#EveryDayReward) Price: 450 Strange Fashion Coins + 100,000 Zeny Commemorative Triple Poring Hat (previously package exclusive) Price: 450 Strange Fashion Coins + 100,000 Zeny Christmas Reindeer Woolen Hat (previously x-mas sale) Price: 300 Strange Fashion Coins + 50,000 Zeny Christmas Happy Set (previously x-mas sale) Price: 450 Strange Fashion Coins + 100,000 Zeny Christmas Gift Bag (#EveryDayReward) Price: 300 Strange Fashion Coins + 50,000 Zeny Gingerbread Cookie (#EveryDayReward) Price: 100 Strange Fashion Coins + 50,000 Zeny Christmas Glasses (#EveryDayReward) Price: 250 Strange Fashion Coins + 50,000 Zeny General Manager Uniform (recharge gift) Price: 450 Strange Fashion Coins + 100,000 Zeny Down Jacket Costume Gift Box (complete set) Price: 1,350 Strange Fashion Coins + 250,000 Zeny Dreamwalk Gear Set Gift Box (complete set) Price: 900 Strange Fashion Coins + 150,000 Zeny Some exclusives – and items given in previous events – were added to the Fashion Exchange. If you missed any of them, this is your chance. Removed: Dreamwalk Pajamas; Union Shop Added: Super Material Custom Chest Price: 1,800 Proof of Union Coins Purchase limit: 1/week We've noticed a growing demand for specific materials, from both newbies and veterans. We hope that this addition helps us mitigate this shortage. Quality of Life Craft/Synthesis The cost to craft [Old Enriched Oridecon] was adjusted: 500 Zenny → 20,000 Copper The cost to craft [Old Enriched Elunium] was adjusted: 500 Zenny → 20,000 Copper After analyzing several suggestions and feedbacks, we are reverting the craft of Enriched Oridecon and Enriched Elunium to Copper. World Drop Players can now drop 50 [Body of α-Energy]/day during while grinding; Daily cap of [Oridecon] adjusted: 75/day → 50/day Daily cap of [Elunium] adjusted: 75/day → 50/day In the last few months, we have noticed that, while the addition of Oridecon and Elunium to the world drop system has helped F2P drastically reduce the gap between them and P2W, their growth rate slows down once their equipment reaches +11. We also noticed that these players didn't have a balanced progression between their gear, with side gear and accessories often lagging behind. With this, we hope to ensure them a smoother progression across all of the gear. Unidentified Metal Shop Purchase limit of [Lv.105 2-Slot Accessory Special Box] increased: 2 → 3 Purchase limit of [Level 105 Accessory Magic Chest] increased: 1 → 5 Purchase limit of [Lv.105 2-socket Accessory Custom Chest] increased: 1 → 3 Ragnarok is a choice-driven game, with a richness and depth rarely seen in other games. By changing the purchase limit for accessory items, we want to encourage the pursuit of new ideas and concepts. Union Shop (Proof of Union Coins) Weekly cap increased: 2,500 → 5,250 Would you like a hamburger? Eternal Tower First run rewards slightly adjusted: Floor 5: 1 [Archdam Cogwheel] → 1 [Smeldon Cogwheel Fragment] 50 [Magic Crystal Stone] 5 [Headgear Crystal] Floor 10: 1 [Archdam Cogwheel] → 1 [Smeldon Cogwheel Fragment] 50 [Magic Crystal Stone] 5 [Headgear Crystal Floor 15: 1 [Archdam Cogwheel] → 1 [Smeldon Cogwheel Fragment] 50 [Magic Crystal Stone] 5 [Headgear Crystal Floor 20: No change Floor 25: 1 [Vesper Cogwheel] → 1 [Smeldon Cogwheel Fragment] 75 [Magic Crystal Stone] 5 [Headgear Crystal] Floor 30: 1 [Vesper Cogwheel] → 1 [Smeldon Cogwheel Fragment] 75 [Magic Crystal Stone] 5 [Headgear Crystal] Floor 35: 1 [Vesper Cogwheel] → 1 [Smeldon Cogwheel Fragment] 75 [Magic Crystal Stone] 5 [Headgear Crystal] Floor 40: No change Floor 45: 1 [Vesper Cogwheel] → 1 [Smeldon Cogwheel Fragment] 75 [Magic Crystal Stone] 5 [Headgear Crystal] Floor 50: No change Floor 55: No change Floor 60: No change Eternal Tower's first run rewards were dated and mostly useless for new players. We hope that this change will give newbies an extra boost to the top. Bug Fix Helheim Nightmare (HHN/HHH) Fixed a bug where HHH runs didn't reward Catnips; Fixed a bug where Ether Factor Cards didn't reward extra Shards/Blueprints; Lv.105 2-Slot Accessory Special Box [Sigtulifa’s Fury [2]] fixed and reintroduced to the box; [Elf King’s Eternal Ring [2]] fixed and reintroduced to the box; Siege (WoE) Fixed a bug that allowed pets to be used during the Siege; Removed Winter World Drops Airship Captain's Hat; Snowflake Festival Reindeer Headdress; Snowflake Sticker; Snowman Sticker; Snow Carnival Profile Border; Magic Crystal; Gingerbread; Snow Revelry Coin; Winter Profile Border (15d); Bag of Eden Coins; Laboratory (Beta) Beta systems may not function properly sometimes. Bugs are to be expected. Multi-language System Portuguese (Brazil) added; Spanish (Mexico) added; Chinese (Simplified) added; To switch the language, tap "Settings" > "Personal" > "Switch Language" and select one of the languages available. Note: Due to client limitations only newly installed clients support the languages above. If you want to have access to one of those languages, please download and install one of the clients bellow (after uninstalling the old version): Android (APK) - Coming Soon iOS (IPA) - Coming Soon iOS (normal installation) Hordor Dreamland New time added: 06:00-08:00 (the current 18:00-20:00 time remains the same); Hordor Dreamland is a pilot of a larger project. We want to guarantee players from other team zones more suitable times for daily events (and, of course, times suitable for our NA players who cannot participate in events at night time). Smart Lines Brazil's main line added to the server list; SEA's main line added to the server list; Most of you already know that we have a Smart Line system that automatically detects and choose the best server among the ones we have across the globe. This system ensures better latency and stability for players further away from our center. It, however, suffers interference from VPN, DNS, or firewall software, forcing – sometimes – players onto a line not suited to their location. From the 15th, players will be able to choose the line manually. This function is already available to a portion of our players, but only the NA and the BR lines are accessible manually. Phew... That's all, folks! See you on Midgard. Freya bless you, [GM] Judge
  14. Please download the new EP6 client: Android Client iOS Client
  15. why am i being disappointed of not seeing the girl version of that outfit???!!!!!
  16. why i not login in game after update
  17. If you want to install the game in your Macbook, check this post by @game over. If the installation method bellow doesn't work for you, check this post. ----- Follow the steps bellow to install Origin World in your iOS device. 1. [EN-US] If you have the old EP5 client installed, please uninstall it before proceeding 1. [PT-BR] Se você tem o antigo client EP5 instalado, por favor desinstale ele antes de prosseguir 2. [EN-US] With your Safari browser, access this link 2. [PT-BR] Com o seu navegador Safari, acesse este link 3. [EN-US] The following page will load. Tap the green button 3. [PT-BR] A página a seguir será carregada. Clique no botão verde 4. [EN-US] Allow our website to download the configuration profile. This will give your device the means to download/install our client 4. [PT-US] Permita que o nosso website baixe o perfil de configuração. Isso dará ao seu dispositivo os meios de baixar/instalar o nosso cliente 5. [EN-US] Once allowed, go to your Settings and tap "Profile Downloaded" (it may be different, if you're using an older iOS version) 5. [PT-US] Após permitido o download, vá para as Configurações e toque "Perfis Baixados" (ou termo similar. Pode ser diferente, dependendo da sua versão do iOS) 6. [EN-US] Select our profile and tap "Install" 6. [PT-US] Selecione o nosso perfil e toque "Instalar" 7. [EN-US] Confirm your password and tap "Install" again 7. [PT-US] Confirme a sua senha e toque "Instalar" novamente 8. [EN-US] The system should redirect you to the browser again. Tap the blue button 8. [PT-US] O sistema deve redirecionar você para o navegador novamente. Toque no botão azul 9. [EN-US] Tap "Install" 9. [PT-US] Toque "Instalar" 10. [EN-US] Done! The system will start download the game in your app draw. You won't be able to tap it until the download finishes 10. [PT-US] Pronto! O sistema baixará o seu jogo no área de aplicativos. Você não será capaz de abri-lo até que o download conclua
  18. Thanks Judge! Some people were curious, do balance changes come with this update?
  19. 12-15-2021 • UPDATE Episode 6 Update Patch Notes Episode 6 is finally here! There are new jobs, events, cosmetic items, pets, mounts, improvements to the quality of life and much more! Due to various stability and compatibility issues, the support for the old EP5 client will be discontinued after this update, so to continue playing Origin World you must download the new EP6 client at the end of this patch notes. AUTHOR [GM] Judge ----------------------------------------------- New Jobs The long-awaited Mages' 2nd and 3rd jobs join the fight against the demons of Midgard. Sage Professor New Regions & Demons Elmes Gorge Kilhair Academy Norgrod Dungeon New Mythic Set Space-time Traveler The new mythical set can be obtained by purchasing Mythic Crystal Boxes II (Selection or Random), just like the previous sets. If you wish to acquire one of the previous Mythic sets, you can convert new orbs into old ones at an 1:1 ratio at Sievant > Mythic Exchange (Prontera, near the Fountain). New Mythic Crystal Boxes can be found at the RO Shop for the same price as the old ones. You can also obtain new Mythic Set Orbs through the Union Shop (aka Co-op Shop) and Deviruchi Rescue. New S-Tier Pet AI-Antasha-σ Because a Gundam Mythic Set deserves a Gundam Pet. Cost: 300*[Peco Peco Figure] Shop Location: Prontera West Gate (Petra, The Pet Master) New Fashion Redemption Items Pilot Full Set Box Sleepy Rabbit Doctor/Nurse Set Card Love-Spades More New Events Sage Bonus As a Sage or Professor, you can collect incredible level rewards to help you catch up to old classes. Duration: 12-15-2021 to 01-30-2022 Roll a Die Complete the daily challenge quest to earn dice. Poring will move forward based on the number you roll with a dice. Whenever Poring passes a reward square, you’ll win rewards. Generous rewards await! Come join the game now! Duration: 12-15-2021 to 01-15-2022 Stay Online for Rewards During the event, stay online for long enough in a day to earn rewards. The daily online time is reset at 05:00 on the next day. Rewards that were not claimed beyond this point are forfeit. Duration: 12-15-2021 to 01-30-2022 Rainbow Covenant Make a contract with a friend for this 7-day journey, but choose your friend wisely, because contracts can't be terminated. After making a contract, make sure you do your Rainbow Covenant quests every day. Duration: 12-15-2021 to 01-30-2022 War of Snow Plain Call on your friends and have a snowball fight together! This mode takes a fun and different approach to the traditional PvP arenas. Duration: 12-15-2021 to 12-30-2021 Deviruchi's Offer During the event, you can claim 5 Deviruchi Vouchers every day. This daily reward resets at 05:00 on the next day. Vouchers that were not claimed beyond this point are forfeit. Returning Recruitment The recruiter (an active player) can establish a recruitment link with a returning player at the recruitment link NPC (South Prontera). After your link has been established, both the recruiter and the returning players are able to do quests. Complete the quest to earn a generous reward. Recruiters can recruit up to 5 returning players at the same time. After a returning player completes all the Activity Quests, the recruiter is allowed to recruit another returning player, up to 8 returning players in total. Duration: 12-15-2021 to 01-30-2022 RO Shop New Gachas (Costumes Shop) Crimson Horns Headdress Gacha Cost: 50 Catnips (per capsule) Purchase Limit: n/a Drop Rate: 0.50% Cursed Scythe Backwear Gacha Cost: 50 Catnips (per capsule) Purchase Limit: n/a Drop Rate: 0.30% Castle Phantom Costume Gacha Cost: 50 Catnips (per capsule) Purchase Limit: n/a Drop Rate: 0.40% Thriller Scarecrow Mount Gacha Cost: 50 Catnips (per capsule) Purchase Limit: n/a Drop Rate: 0,30% New Special Packages New Year Special Package Cost: 988 Catnips Limit: 1 per character Content: New Year Limited Package Cost: 9,880 Catnips Limit: 1 per character Content: System & Quality of Life Changes New Kafra Assistants Locations To improve our player's overall experience, we added Kafra Assistants at key points, like the Refine Store. Cat Hand Caravan (aka Cat Top) Hotkey From now on, when accepting the Cat Hand Caravan quest, a shortcut button will appear near to your health bar, allowing you to access the quest interface without needing to be close to the NPC. Attention! We temporally removed the Catnips rewards from Cat Top. New Siege (WoE) Time We are moving the Siege time to Saturday, at 20:50 (server time), to match our players' playtime habits. This change is also intended to cover a population that cannot participate in the Siege due of the day. Attention! Due to the recent day change, the Siege of the 18th (Saturday) may not happen. New Refine Level Gear pieces can now be refined up to +20. Hide EXP Option In the settings, you can now opt to hide the EXP text that appears over your head while farming. We recommend hiding the text if you often farm using candies. Pet System Improvements Pet Skill Journal was added to the pets interface; You can now set your pets HP/SP recovery option through the automatic recovery device; Pet Medal and Pet Ranking added; Job Balance Patch All jobs were balanced based on the last balance patch, released in Korea 2 months ago. Level 110 Gear You can now craft and collect level 110 Gear Blueprints/Shards. Level 110 Rewards Players that reached level 110 can now claim the Level 110 reward (that includes 3,000 Catnips) Improved Translations Nearly every line in the game has been revised or replaced with better and polished versions. Improved Battery Consumption The game now consumes up to 20% less battery (tested with the EXP Hide option active). Improved Textures All game textures have been improved for a crispier image on high-resolution devices. New Gift Code WELCOME6 (not available before EP6 update) 10 [Lv. 110 Gear Blueprint Fragment] (aka Equipment Shard) 30 [Mythic Crystal Box II] 1 [A-Tier Random Pet Egg] 3 [Legendary Random Pet Gear Box] Bug Fix & Performance Improved the game's stability across the board; Added the 2 remaining Lv. 105 Accessories to the Lv.105 2-Slot Accessory Special Box; Fixed a bug that allowed players to climb the Guild Hall table; Fixed a bug that prevented some Homunculi to be displayed correctly; Fixed a bug that prevented some iOS devices to properly display over 10 players in the screen; Fixed a bug where the party member pop-up was not opening when tapping a party member while auto-hunting; Fixed a bug that displayed the wrong HP/SP percentages for Mercenaries when moving maps; New Agent Special Deal 85,000 Catnips (not available before the EP6 update) Suggested Price: $144.99 Want to top-up? Please contact one of our Agents or do it through ou Console (USDT only). The Update Maintenance will take place on Friday (17); the countdown can be found here. Due to various stability and compatibility issues, the support for the old EP5 client will be discontinued after this update, so to continue playing Origin World you must download the new EP6 client: Android Client iOS Client TestFlight (required for iOS) Although it is possible to download and install the new client while the old one is still on your device, we recommend uninstalling the old one client before installing the old one. Phew... That's all, folks! See you on Midgard. Freya bless you, [GM] Judge
  20. From the day we launched our referral system, a month ago, over a thousand new players have joined the server through a friend invite. This allowed us to collect critical data to further improve our referral system and our catch-up mechanics. Many thanks to everyone who helped us to spread the word. But let's not get hung up on the iPhone 13 winner: Congratulations Niell*****. Our team sent an email to your registered address and an in-game message with instructions so that we can proceed with the delivery of your iPhone. Please note that if you fail to reply to our message within 15 days, another winner will be drawn. For more info about the event, please visit the post below: The draw:
  21. I'm glad they brought bingo again, but I think the amount of numbers you can get daily should be limited, like 5 a day, and having numbers that you could only get by participating in the events made by the GMs would force greater interaction between the players, if that works maybe you don't make it a fixed event.
  22. 15-11-2021 • UPDATE Winter Update Patch Notes The maintenance starts soon. Check the countdown. The expected downtime is 30 minutes. After the maintenance, please restart your app to download the latest patch and avoid unnecessary bugs. AUTHOR [GM] Judge ----------------------------------------------- New Events Ho Ho Ho From 11-17-2021 to 15-01-2022 05:00, when you slain a demon, you have a small chance of getting one of the following items: • Small Snowflake Gift Box (A) • Snowman Sticker (R) • Snowflake Sticker (R) • Snow Carnival Profile Border (SR) • Snow Carnival Rudolph Headband (SR) • Airship Captain's Hat (SSR) Rarity: R = Rare SR = Super Rare SSR = Super, Super Rare Bingo • Chest 1: 10 [Advanced Refinement Selection Box], 50 [Mora Coin], 100 [Catnip] • Chest 2: 2 [Advanced Blacksmith God Selection Box], 10 [Reinforced Metal Selection Box], 200 [Catnip] • Chest 3: 1 [Ether Factor Amplification Card], 5 [Rare Card Pieces], 300 [Catnip] • Chest 4: 1 [Core-R], 1 [Super Steel Titanium], 400 [Catnip] • Chest 5: 1 [Card Love-Heart], 1 [Random A-Pet Egg], 500 [Catnip] Duration: 15-12-2021 05:00 Endless Tower Challenge Duration: 30-12-2021 05:00 Making a Poring Snowman Duration: 30-12-2021 05:00 Snowball Fight (temporarily disabled) Duration: 30-12-2021 05:00 Treasure Hunt in the Snow Duration: 30-12-2021 05:00 Snow Monster Carnival Duration: 30-12-2021 05:00 Activity Store Duration: 15-01-2022 05:00 Fashion Exchange Extended Duration: 31-12-2022 05:00 Charge! MVP Extended & Adjusted MVP Gift Box Adjusted: [Core-Y] removed [Super Steel Titanium] added with a low probability Duration: 30-01-2022 05:00 New Battle Pass Snow Carnival Duration: 15-01-2022 05:00 New Mount Reindeer Motorcycle • [Reindeer Motorcycle] (Costumes Store) Price: 5,950 Catnips Limit: 1 Available until: 30-01-2022 05:00 New Costumes Merry Christmas Set • [Rudolph Hat] (Costumes Store) Price: 1,500 Catnips Limit: 1 Available until: 30-01-2022 05:00 • [Merry Christmas Set] (Costumes Store) Price: 1,950 Catnips Limit: 1 Available until: 30-01-2022 05:00 Quality of Life Changes • Removed weight of [Blue Gemstone] • Copper Coins cost to craft [Enriched Oridecon] and [Enriched Elunium] reduced: 100,000 → 20,000 • [Advanced Lubricant] added to the Craft System. Costs 5 [Cog Lubricant II] Time Zone Changes The server time zone will change from UTC-3 to UTC-5. Bug Fix • Cost of [Random A-Pet Egg] adjusted to 90,000 Dream Coins Removed • [Happy Pumpkin Carriage] • [Ghost Cosplay Costume Draw]
  23. arby

    Daily Events

    Time to start hiding Anubis, I'm ready for 10 days of hide and seek
  24. Greetings, Adventurers! Before we announce the winners of our first costume contest, we'd like to thank everyone who participated in this event; there were over 300 valid submissions! We never imagined that a 24h duration event would have this many submissions. You are amazing! In addition, we need to reiterate some points that caused players to be disqualified: - The most common one was low-resolution screenshots. Several participants submitted images at very low resolutions, making it difficult for us to judge the composition; - Some got into the Halloween vibe and added heavy filters to the image, like distortions, color effects, etc.; - Others cut part of their costume from the screenshot, or didn't make evident the use of one of the obligatory items in the composition; - There were also cases when players informed a character ID different from their nicknames; Unfortunately, we had to disqualify those submissions. Now to the winners: Top 5 In 1st place we have Aibun with "The Siren Jester": This is the most creative composition in our opinion. Parts from different sets blend together in a cohesive, beautiful and scary manner. Well done, Aibun! In 2nd place we have ॐAuburn with "Devil's Bride": We were truly amazed at how these pieces fit together perfectly; creating a hauntingly beautiful composition. Your creation surprised us for sure, ॐAuburn. In 3rd place we have Vegas with "The 43yr old Ex": We're not sure how you did it, Veigas, but combining pieces that apparently don't fit and still manage to create something unique and balanced is by no means an easy task. In 4th place we have Kathee with "Jakk of All Trades": We had quite a few compositions like this one, and as much as it makes it less creative, it's still an extremely well done composition. Good job, Kathee. In 5th place we have NotLikeThis with "Sky": Like the previous one, we had several compositions similar to this, but "Sky" was arguably the most cohesive and well put together. Top 10 6th Luca¹⁹⁸⁹ with "Magic Jester": 7th Natalia with "Devil’s Ritual": 8th Ansuhlna’rjh with "Half zombie, half vampire": 9th Briseida with "Naughty Halloween Party": 10th DigoZorD with "Helloween": Congratulations to the winners. Your prize will be sent within 72 hours. Winners were determined by the vote of 7 judges for each one of the criteria: • Originality (avoid submitting screenshots with the character using all parts from the same set) • Creativity (mix different set pieces and try to make them fit together) • Beauty (or Ugliness) • Theme (Halloween)
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